Technology Management

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By their nature, product and service businesses are based upon a foundation of technology. Effective technology management integral with the overall business strategy is an essential prerequisite to sustainable competitive advantage for both emerging and mature businesses.

This module generates an appreciation of the role of technology in the business and critically analyses how technological change through capture, development, integration and even divestment can be used to raise performance. These complex matters are dealt with within the context of external and internal constraints and the realities of product and technology life-cycles.


On completion participants will be able to:

  1. Appreciate the impact of technology on business and society
  2. Understand and critique how technology can best be integrated in the pursuit of commercial success
  3. Critically examine and assess the technological competence of a business
  4. Identify technology needs in the context of the key business drivers and evaluate the means to access such technology
  5. Understand how to influence decision makers when making a case for technology investment
  6. Appreciate the benefits and apply the principles of technology implementation in multifunctional organisations
  7. Evaluate and apply tools and techniques necessary to identify, assess and deliver technological change at an acceptable risk


  1. What is technology – product, process and infrastructure technology - and why is it important?
  2. The drivers for technology and alignment of technology to company strategy
  3. Futurology and tools for long term planning
  4. Technology auditing for evaluating companies’ extended capability to introduce technology
  5. Importance of innovation and knowledge management in influencing technology capability
  6. Evaluating options for introducing a technology
  7. Justifying technological investment and persuading decision makers
  8. Technology road mapping – concepts and TRM game
  9. Implementation of technology – concepts and practical tools
  10. Beyond implementation – the options
  11. Technology transfer and IPR
  12. Impact of technology on a global level
  13. Case studies


5 days


Post-module work (75%) plus course work (25%) full time

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