Product Design & Development Management (PDDM)

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Innovation and introduction of new products to the market is one of the fundamental processes in industry. Design and development and introduction of new products is the key to renewal and regeneration of industry and hence the long term competitiveness and survival of manufacturing companies.

Intensification of competition, rapidly changing technologies and shorter product life cycles, require an integrated approach to management of product development in order to create better quality products with enhanced capabilities, at attractive prices with compressed time to market cycles.

This module concentrates on the management of the processes of product design, development, and introduction as an integrated whole from ideas and concept stage to customer, and in service.


On completion, the participant will:

  1. Understand the role of product design and development process in manufacturing industry
  2. Understand the product design and development processes from concept to customer
  3. Understand the design management process and how innovation can be successfully brought to the market place to satisfy customers in an effective manner
  4. Undertake a methodical approach to the management of product development
  5. Understand the important methods, technologies, latest trends, tools and techniques and how they can be effectively utilised


  1. Product Development Process
  2. The Role of the Marketing Information
  3. Concept Generation and Selection
  4. Life Cycle Costing and Design to Cost
  5. Concurrent Engineering
  6. Effective Design Management
  7. Engineering Change Management
  8. Tools, Techniques, and Technologies
  9. Design Validation
  10. Organisation for Effective Product Design and Development
  11. Design Protection and Intellectual Property Rights
  12. Case Study
  13. User / Customer View
  14. Innovative Products


5 days


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