Operations Strategy for Industry (OPSI)

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The existence of a properly formulated and explicit strategy is essential to ensure the development and success of the business. In industrial companies, the operations strategy is a key element. Every company is in a unique and dynamic situation offering products and services with different order winning criteria. Consequently the philosophy of this module is to present a variety of frameworks, methods and examples of how operations strategy can be formulated and implemented in manufacturing and related industries.


On completion, the participant will be:

  1. Define Operations Strategy and its importance in an industrial business
  2. Explain how Operations Strategy integrates, aligns and interacts with other company strategies
  3. Describe the impact of Operations Strategy at different levels within the organisation
  4. Recognise the need to measure the performance of the operations strategy and identify suitable areas for measurement
  5. Discuss and give examples of how Operations Strategy can be formulated
  6. Appraise and question different companies’ operations strategies and draw conclusions from the information
  7. Select appropriate practices for implementing Operations Strategy in different environments
  8. Apply some of the tools and techniques learnt to case study material


  1. Evolution of Manufacturing and the Journey to World Class
  2. Integration of Operations Strategy with Business Strategy
  3. Operations Strategy Formulation Processes
  4. Tools & Techniques for Operations Strategy Decisions
  5. Outsourcing Strategy
  6. International Manufacturing/Operations
  7. Designing Business Processes
  8. Performance Measurement in an Operations Environment
  9. Implementation Issues
  10. Practical examples of strategy Formulation
  11. Academic and Company Case Studies


5 days

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