Management of Change

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Effective managers must be able to implement long term strategic change whilst adapting to the opportunities presented by everyday turbulence. Only by understanding how adaption, change and transformation affects them personally can managers lead and inspire others to positively embrace future possibilities.

This module helps participants to understand the need for change, the tools and skills to plan and implement change programmes that “stick” and the personal capabilities to lead and inspire others.

The module is practical. Participants will apply current best practice and academic thinking to plan successful outcomes in their own organisations from large scale strategic change to the more individual and personal.


On completion, the participant will:

  1. Understand the need for change
  2. Understand the effect that organisation, culture and structure has on the ability to change
  3. Understand how to select and apply strategic approaches to change
  4. Differentiate types of change from adaptations to transformations and from personal to organisational levels
  5. Differentiate between tools and techniques and assess the suitability of their application
  6. Learn how to plan and implement a change including communication and engagement strategies
  7. Recognise how people react positively and negatively to change and understand ways to gain commitment
  8. Understand how to evaluate and learn from the effects of change


1. The Context of Change

2. Models of Change

3. Vision, Values and Culture

4. Merging Cultures

5. Tools and Techniques for Change

6. Understanding People in Change

7. Change Communications

8. Emotions and Change

9. Leadership and Change

10. Positive approaches to Change

11. Transformational Change

12. Making Change Stick

13. Organisational Case Studies and Guest Speakers



5 days

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