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Many organisations are finding that in order to succeed in increasingly competitive markets they need people who can manage for innovation. Although, useful insights abound within literature, the body of knowledge on the subject remains disjointed and the adoption of the appropriate skills within industry has been slow. This module aims to help participants develop new skills and knowledge about innovation that will enhance their ability to contribute to the long term competitiveness of businesses.


On completion, the participant will:

  1. Understand the relationship between innovation and competitive performance
  2. Use, and create new, tools to support innovation in all areas of the business
  3. Develop personal innovation action plans from an understanding of how their own behaviour, and that of their peer groups and management, promotes or stifles creativity


Introduction to Innovation Strategy

1. The Individual and Innovation Strategy
It’s all in the Mind
A Manufacturing Strategy Role Play

2. The Conditions for Innovation
Innovation & the Corporate Life Cycle
Corporate Culture and Innovation
Company Presentations & Case Studies: A chance to compare and contrast
Leadership Styles & Innovation

3. Innovation: Learning from other disciplines
Complexity & Business Planning
Ecologies & Natural Organisations
Networks and their Dynamics

4. Innovation and Business Strategy
Scenario Planning
Systems Thinking
A Management ‘Flight Simulator’
Dangers of Innovation

5. The Individual and Innovation Strategy (revisited)
Personal Action Plans


5 days


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