How to Apply

Entry Requirements
Since the course modules are taught and assessed at postgraduate level, candidates require 4 years university degree and also English proficiency (typically IELTS or equivalent). Candidate with a lower English proficiency will be able to enrol on an English preparation course administrated by YTU.

Tuition Fees (2014- 2015)
One original receipt of tuition fee payment. Tuition for 2014-2015, for 6 module 13,000 TL + %8 KDV

How to Apply
Pre-Applications are made online at our website. Click here for pre-application.

For Registration
The following supporting documents will be required:

  • Original application form (download pdf)
  • Statement of purpose
  • Academic transcripts and diplomas
  • Two references from industry specialist or academia
  • English language qualification certificate



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