Financial Analysis & Control Systems (FACS)

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This module provides an understanding of basic accounting principles, terminology and techniques; so that you can interpret financial reports and appropriate management accounting practices, and contribute to departmental financial planning and control.


  1. Building and interpreting a financial model for a business
  2. Planning and evaluating expenditure - capital and revenue
  3. Interpreting financial reports
  4. Applying and interpreting financial ratios
  5. Interpreting the significance and financial consequences of engineering decisions
  6. Clearly differentiating between profit and cash and the impact of engineering decision making
  7. Relating these evaluation techniques to management decision making


  1. Control of Business Resources
  2. Financial Reports
    • The Balance Sheet
    • Assessment and Reporting of Profit
    • Funds Flow Statements
  3. Structured Approach to Ratio Analysis
  4. Cash Flow - Its Control and Implications to the Business
  5. Profit/Volume Relationships and the Calculation and Interpretation of Performance Indicators
  6. Costing and Techniques to Ascertain, Recover and Control Costs
  7. Activity Based Costing
  8. Budgetary Control Systems and Techniques
  9. Capital Expenditure Evaluation and Financial Evaluation of Projects
  10. Annual Report and Accounts


5 days

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